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S.O.C.O Branch Library | Austin, TX | Fall 2014

Serving as one of the foundational studios in my undergraduate degree, this semester was primarily centered around using an urban site. It sparked the beginning of the use of analytical data about social aspects of an area as a method to influence design and program.

S.O.C.O. Branch Library: Text
S.O.C.O. Branch Library: Work



Drawing inspiration from the desire to introduce the element of nature in the otherwise urban setting, the thesis developed to evoke a sense of growth around the site. The organization and circulation of the project was centered around this idea, and led into the secondary program of the library; the community garden. The sketches of the thesis idea were used to influence different aspects of the project.

A more concrete, diagrammatic depiction of the thesis statement was created which shows the ground manipulation and circulation of the project. 


Preliminary models were created in order to form a physical representation of the circulation, major thresholds, and the massing of the overall project.


The finalized set of floor plans show the arrangement of the project including details about the structure, specific programs, and circulation.


The section and elevation illustrate the vertical layout, highlighting the connections, or lack thereof, between interior space, exterior space, and building with ground.


The final model of the Branch Library shows the major fenestration, massing, and relationship of the building and site.

S.O.C.O. Branch Library: Text
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