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Mediatheque, TAMU | College Station, TX | Spring 2019

Mediatheque can be defined as a multimedia library or building that houses program specific to media creation and presentation. This project was conducted as a study for Texas A&M University to design a media-oriented building adjacent to campus. The project was across the busiest street in the campus area, so the student was also tasked with designing the approach from the university, either above or below.

Mediatheque | Texas A&M University: Text
Mediatheque | Texas A&M University: Work


For the final presentation layout of this project, see the file below.

Mediatheque | Texas A&M University: Files



To begin the project, the overall site and existing conditions were analyzed in order to gain insight on where the project was to be placed. Several parameters were provided as restrictions to the building design including, lot setbacks, building height, and restricted areas. The image of the site shows the buildable area, both above and below ground, that is left after the restrictions are put into place.


Initial diagrams were created in order to present the overarching ideas for the project. They describe a mixing of various programs and analyze the intersections of the three main drivers for the project: media, above, and below.


A series of diagrams were drafted that explore the basic structural layout of the building, as well as defines the programmatic separation on each floor.

An axonometric drawing was created that serves as a diagrammatic representation of the complexities and subterranean spaces within the structure.


The floor plans for the Mediatheque further show the programmatic layout of the project. The sections illustrate how the project is situated into the site and how each level interacts with one another to create the variety of spaces within the building. 


The renderings attempt to show the exterior and interior experience of certain aspects of the project. The first image shows the rooftop co-working space that has a view across the whole site. In the second, the view of the building from the upper sidewalk on the exterior of the project is exhibited. Finally, the last rendering shows the lowest level entry point and the catwalk-style floors featured within the building's core used to increase the interactivity of the space.

Mediatheque | Texas A&M University: Text
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