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Along with the initial conceptualization phase, market analysis falls into the necessary preliminary tasks category when planning to take on any development, or with real estate in general. This activity helps potential developers and investors understand the past, current, and projected future market environment in which their hopeful development would reside. One can gain many useful points of knowledge during a market analysis including, but not limited to, risk assessment and projected success. 

Throughout the course of the LDEV 664 (Market Analysis for Land Development) class, a great wealth of knowledge was gained on the topic by exploring various elements of real estate market analysis. To sum up the course, a final project was conducted that covered most of the required elements of market analysis and proposed a development in the Northeast quadrant of San Antonio, Texas. This project, geared specifically toward the analysis of the real estate market included elements such as: a property productivity analysis that outlined the physical attributes of the site, legal and regulatory restrictions, and locational attributes; market delineation which reviewed past market trends of the area; demand analysis that covered the various uptake of similar spaces; supply analysis showing the available and under construction properties; market condition analysis giving an overall description of the current market; and finally a subject marketability analysis that showed the future projected market for the subject site with the proposed project in place. All of these elements were combined into a cohesive analysis for the proposed development which is attached at below.

Market Analysis: Text

File 1

File 2

Market Analysis: Files
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