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From a young age, I have been a problem solver. Having such a long design background, now 10 years strong, I am able to think critically about an issue, formulate a solution to a problem, and implement decisions based on my analysis of a situation. I have been able to apply this to any aspect, both academic and professional, I have faced during my time in higher education.

Through the MLPD program, I was able to hone these skills even more, especially when it comes to the topic of development. Understanding that in a position of that magnitude, any decision made carries a large amount of importance and being able to step back and see all aspects of a situation is so vitally important in the field. The program has taught me how to balance the risk versus reward when it comes to many situations. I am grateful that I have been able to sharpen this set of skills throughout the course of the degree.

A prime example that includes all aspects of these skills is the final project from LDEV 687 (Development Feasibility and Design). Given that students were tasked with taking on the responsibility to make a sound decision regarding investor participation in a development, a great amount of critical thinking was utilized during the review of the material. Ultimately, my group had to make a decision regarding this participation and think of other manners in which the project could be corrected. The final memorandum is attached below.

Problem Solving + Decision Making: Text

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Problem Solving + Decision Making: Files
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